Passionate Containment

One of the most useful creative laws I know is this: “The first rule of magic is containment.”~ Julia Cameron

Blazing passion is real power. It is the ying (feminine) and the yang (masculine) coming together. Passion can create anything you want and inspire you to accomplish the impossible.

Passion will move mountains and bring success. Passion is the energy blend of containment (ying) and force (yang) that results in a fire-building cosmic dance of creation.

Passion is the on-going implementation of your business (the container for your desire) from a space of still mind, penetrated with the force of conscious action.

Un-stilled mind will always think in terms of purpose, profit, and utility. Mind acting without pause will be aggressive and full of activity. When mind is stilled thru meditation, activity will disappear and action will appear –and there is a great difference between the two.

Activity has utility; conscious action becomes pure joy, pure beauty. You act not because something has to be achieved; you act because action is a joy, a dance. You act because you are so full of energy.

The Egoic Mind

The Egoic Mind is a state of mind in which the ego is in control of your thoughts and emotions.

The problem with this is the Egoic Mind is characterized by negative self-talk and unhelpful thinking patterns. It can lead us to feel dis-empowered, hopeless and pessimistic about our future.

Often, the Egoic Mind may take over as we experience the ups and downs and challenges of business.

Responding out of this non-productive negative state sabotages your intended goals and can jeopardize your long-term business destination.

The ego, by nature of its method of action, is interested in separation from the whole and seeks to defend and glorify the separate and separated self, ultimately obscuring the divine or higher self.

To help you rise above the hold the egoic mind has over your psyche, all Strategy Stream programs incorporate a meditative practice.

Meditation can help you spot your patterns, traits and habits associated with negative Egoic Mind. By consistently meditating, you will diminish the influence the ego has and have it work as a positive aspect in your business rather than to your detriment.

Set out on your authentic journey #itistime

Integrating body, mind, heart, and action.

In this incredibly unique moment in time, we have all been given the opportunity to pause, reflect, and recreate.

We have been given the opportunity to dive deep into the heart of what really matters to us.

By choice, returning to “business-as-usual” will not be an option for many.

Integrating what we learn during this time.. into body, mind, goals and action… is key. When we integrate ripples of inspiration into the reality of our current and future day-to-day lives, we enter the territory of positive transformation that affects not just ourselves, but the world around us.

What is the experience YOU want to create moving forward?

Move towards the stars

Once you start moving towards the stars, small things disappear on their own accord ~OSHO

Eight simple tips for getting started 

Sourced from The Positivity Blog

1. Choose something you really want.

Is your heart in it? If you set a goal but it isn’t your goal then it will be hard to achieve or even getting started with it.

2. Make a plan.

Creating a plan, writing down when you have to do this and that can calm you and lessen fuzzy anxiety and fear that can hold you back from getting started. With a clearer image of what you can do and how you should go about it, a big chunk of any negative feelings will become less powerful.

3. Ask yourself: What is the worst that could happen?

Imagine the worst scenario and then create a plan how you could get on your feet again if that scenario, against all probability, should happen. You’ll probably realize that whatever your fear is you can bounce back quickly.

4. Make it easy on yourself.

You don’t have to overcomplicate things. If you do there is bigger chance that you’ll give up before the miracle. Making it easier on yourself will make it easier to get started. Break down your plan into easy doable steps and map out the time to get each step done on your calendar.

5. Pump your emotional state.

If you need a boost in motivation, change your physiology to boost how you feel. Head to the gym, meditate, or listen to some inspirational material.

6. Find encouragement and help from other people.

Work with a coach, find a buddy who is also starting and / or moving a project to another level. You can also find motivation from others in other places. Start reading blogs and get involved in that community. Or start a blog of your own. Or start participating in a forum or two to find the support and help you may need.

7. Just do it.

If you are sitting around just procrastinating day in and day out, stop over-thinking. Shut off you brain. Just put on your clothes – or sit down at the phone, computer or wherever you need to be – and go and just do it. When our thoughts and feelings and constantly holding us back, sometimes you just need to stop listening to them and take action.

8. Learn about time management.

Manage your time effectively so you can work on that thing you’ve been wanting to do for some time now.

How do YOU connect Heaven and Earth?

Human beings are like acupuncture needles that connect Heaven and Earth.~M Kelley Hunter. It is up to us to figure out our part of connecting Heaven / Pure Source / Love to the Earth.


Power in the Pause

In this incredibly unique moment in time, we have all been given the opportunity to pause, reflect, and recreate.

We have been given the opportunity to dive deep into what really matters to us.

We have been given the opportunity to INHABIT the pause and emerge expanded into our authentic selves.

By choice, returning to “business-as-usual” will not be an option for many of us.

Grounding what we learn during this time.. into your body, mind, goals and actions… is key. When we integrate ripples of inspiration into the reality of our current and future day-to-day lives, we enter the territory of positive transformation that affects not just ourselves, but the world around us.

Strategy Stream and Pause-Power (a division of Strategy Stream) supports the weaving of expanded perspective and inspiration into nurturing, sustainable, holistic, integrated plans and action.

What is the experience YOU want to create moving forward?

Deliver Transformative Services

When you deliver a product or service, you are participating in a shared reality that exists between you and your customers. There is an intimate agreement about the shared reality. There is trust and communication about the mutual benefits of your interchange. This is communion; a sharing of spirit.

Within the space of communion, there is a natural evolution that is set in motion. It is a given that this evolution is a growth process for both you and your customers. Consider approaching the development and delivery of your products and services with a conscious commitment to evoke evolution and transformation.

Any evolution is a process; a growth pattern. You set the evolution in motion by fulfilling a specific need or desire for your customer. From that point forward, you are in a unique position to evoke evolution. When you evoke, you go beyond simply participating in the reality between you and your customer, to deeply influencing (impressing) upon the reality.

In order to evoke vs. participate, add an element to each and every one of your products & services that meets not only the immediate desire of your customer, but a “higher desire” as well. Always reflect back to your customer a vision of their highest self. For example, if you are selling “A” laptops, delivering it with the clear message that your customer has everything to do with why this laptop is so fantastic, meets a higher-desire recognition that “A” laptop users are smart and savvy. When your “A” laptop customer configures their laptop, invite them to join an on-line community of smart and savvy “A” laptop users. These higher desire attributes impress upon the growth pattern of evolution –deepening the relationship with your customer, as well as evoking qualities of co-creation, self-esteem and community.

Think of your products & services as an invitation to an intimate interchange with your customer vs. an exchange –this is the access to communion. An interchange is spirit-to-spirit vs. an ego-to-ego exchange. If you choose to hold and maintain the interchange of communion with sacred gloves, you impress upon the evolution implicit in communion. Impressing with loving consciousness is the opportunity to influence the highest evolution for business, the planet, and humanity.

Infatuate Your Customers

Everyone has some experience of infatuation and the changes it brings. It takes you beyond the mundane, rising you above ordinary concerns –everything appears new as old boundaries are released. Two worlds become apparent; both immanent and transcendent. The immanent world is the ordinary world, apparent to our senses –material, changing, subject to time. The transcendent world is beyond material –eternal and timeless. Infatuation can be the gateway to transcendent reality and our access to extraordinary awareness.

Learning how to be in love all of the time with ourselves and our customers (including alliances) allows for the quality of awareness accessible thru infatuation. This deep awareness allows you to pierce the mask of appearance and separateness, view from the heart, and unconditionally give to your customers.

An unconditional way of business is the opposite of a conditional or depending way. Conditional business is a usual way to do business –I give you this, you give me that –because you need me, you depend on me, and I need you, so I depend on you. Unconditionally buying yourself first reminds you that the truth is you need nothing else but yourself. If you need nothing other than yourself, this is true of your customers as well. This means that nothing other than profound mutual benefit is worth offering. It takes a great deal of discipline, foresight, and trust to unconditionally serve customers, but it does come together –just ask Google.

Relating to your customers unconditionally –always looking for the extraordinary in the the ordinary –allows you to access your own extraordinariness, deliver profoundly, and fulfill deeply. Operating from a place of customized infatuation with every transaction of your business opens channels for the next right action.

Look deep, see within. As you look you will be able to see what your customers are searching for …then deliver the miracle …creating mutual infatuation and ultimately evolving your love-power as well as theirs.