Brilliant Center of Creation

The 13th century poet Rumi, who is still the most-read poet in America today, wrote, “You are the mighty ocean in the drop”. This is a reverse from the usual phrasing of this imagery; often we’re told we’re “only a single drop in a mighty ocean.” What does it mean to be the ocean in the drop?

At it’s core, this line of poetry means that you are a magnificent and powerful source.  You are a brilliant center of powerful creation. Everything you need to be that source is contained within you.

This is hard for some of us to believe.

To become a powerful source of good, many people believe they need outside influences to make them better.  They think they need to learn from a great teacher, for instance, or they need to amass accolades and accomplishments so that others take them seriously.

Not so.  The ocean within you inherently swells with immense power.

You have everything you need and are capable of achieving everything you have ever hoped for.  The key is to acknowledge and love this simple truth; then you authentically love yourself and project this love out into the world.

You are the center of a powerful creation, and as such you have a responsibility to honor the ocean within you and bring it to the forefront of everything you do – especially your business.  Your business may be the best tool you have to influence the world and yet, if you do not acknowledge the source within you, this powerful tool can go to waste – never reaching the fullness of it’s potential.

You owe it to yourself and all you will influence to honor the ocean within you.