Here’s what people are saying

“How often do we evolve our business out of the question “Do I want to be a source of good in the world?” How often do we associate ease, grace, love, and being a source of good with creating and perpetuating a business? Ruby Renshaw, in (her) this beautifully written eBook, evokes images of waterfalls, streams, and rushing rivers to teach us how to lay a foundation for this kind of business and then attract people and work to us. There is an ease in Ruby’s writing that matches the message she delivers. The writing is honest and evocative and takes us to a place that feels desirable and comfortable. It’s not all beautiful imagery; Ruby delivers practical advice for how to be a source of good in your business.” Francesca BravaMarketing Consultant & Business Owner

“(Ruby Renshaw) is a rare and exceptional individual who has created a process by which she is able to bridge two seemingly disconnected worlds.  With her background in accounting and business management and her interest in the human side of business processes, she has developed a tool which effectively allows us to ground our vision and values in practical realities of everyday business.” Dr. William DeFoore  Author, Speaker, Counselor, Consultant

“Ruby leads (the meditations) with a sensitivity and expansiveness that led to a very rich experience.” Ruby Ann Esquibel MPA, Analyst in Fiscal and Health Policy, State of New Mexico

“I LOVE working with Ruby and feel very fortunate to be taken through this process with her guidance – she keeps me on-track, gently but firmly leads me, and provides exactly what I need next as I move through the creative process of evolving my YOGIC TOOLS business.” Guruatma K. Khalsa Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Yogic Therapist & Business Owner, Yogic-Tools

“I have a fine-tuned bull**** radarscope, and I was anticipating that the book (Becoming a Source of Good) might be lofty and unrealistic.  My experience of reading Ruby’s e-book blew me away – any resistance I may have had completely left as I felt the truth and the beauty of the words melt over me like butterscotch.” Guruatma K. Khalsa Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Yogic Therapist & Business Owner, Yogic-Tools

“Ruby is a fabulous healer and a careful listener for your deepest needs and desires. Her program is a wonderful experience that helped me to find in my heart what it was I was looking for. With her calm strength and compassion Ruby created a space that made it easy for me to see beyond my own fears and worries. Thanks to her loving attention and support I was able to make important decisions and create the change I desired.  I loved my coaching experience with Ruby and highly recommend her to anyone who is in search for what’s next!” Karin Lehmann, Life & Career Coach for Women

“The initial assessment I worked on with Ruby’s guidance, provided me the high-level vision and subsequent appropriate energy, to move forward with my business, personal and community goals. Ruby enables my ability to achieve creative vision and business balance.”
Kathy Maniscalco, Artist & Web Designer

The course I attended (on strategic planning) was the best on the subject.  Period.  End of story.  (Ruby) really knows what she is doing and she’s organized, professional and innovative!”  What a combination!” Jean E. McClelland Founder Praxis Reports