Does meditation improve earning capacity?

water 8How does meditation affect our creativity, work and earning capacities?

Meditation can go a long way toward making us the people we wish to be; enabling us to “pause” and connect with our deeper, intuitive selves as we make a multitude of decisions throughout the day.

Often, we don’t adequately think an issue through; we may let fear rule a decison, digging ourselves an even deeper hole than the one we’re already in; we fail to connect deeply with people and situations around us, leading to all manner of negative results.

Between the twenty-four-hour blitz of often depressing world news and the economic anxiety rampant everywhere, many people feel like they’re barely holding on. Dysfunctional responses such as overeating, drinking and drugging to excess, and self-medicating through recreational or pharmaceutical drug use have become common responses to stress.

For millions of years our ancestors toiled with their bodies, worked the earth, and sat around campfires in the evening telling stories. Our challenge is to compensate for the wear and tear of moderninty’s assault on our nervous systems.

The benefits of meditation go beyond destressing the mind; meditation actually expands the mind and rebuilds our nervous system.

Meditation helps us to make healthy choices.

Meditation gives us insight and illumination.

Meditation builds wisdom and compassion.

Meditation ultimately makes us much more productive, thus improving our earning capacity!

ReferenceThe Law of Divine Compensation – On work, money, and miracles ~ by Marianne Williamson

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