New Groups Forming

In our Stream Your Dream group sessions, we deeply and meditatively explore your inner chakra alignment with the seven key components of a business and back it up with a solid, yet fluid, creation and implementation of your business plan.

When you are clear, aligned and in flow within yourself and in authentic relationship with : core ideology, customers, products & services, marketing, strategy, finance, and community, you will experience business success and fulfillment as a given, natural outcome of your being.

For more info on upcoming groups including start dates, click on the following links:

Strategic Seven New Mexico  $377 Next Group start date TBA

Strategic Seven Tele-Group  $277 Next Group start date TBA

If you are interested in working one-on-one versus in a group Click Here

My programs and services support you in designing and experiencing a business that is highly profitable while fulfilling your desire to have a balanced life aligned with your deepest, authentic self.  

My offerings include integrated delivery of meditation. We access pure thought thru meditative experience directly related to freedom in each area of your business, and most importantly, we ground in the current of thought with specific action.