Business & Meditation Services

Strategy Stream programs and services support you in designing and experiencing your business and projects as highly profitable while fulfilling your desire to have a balanced life aligned with your deepest, authentic self.  

Strategy Stream offerings include integrated delivery of business meditation. We access pure thought thru meditative experience directly related to freedom in each area of your business & projects, and ground it in with specific directed action.

Command Your Domain | awareness

These eight, 1/2 hour-long sessions will clear and enhance your inner landscape as it relates to specific core components of a strong business. You will be able to respond to external events with more awareness and clarity, and hence, expand and amplify results you deliver

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Integral Meditative Management | action and design

Provides the value of successful business disciplines exponentially enhanced with meditative application.

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Jump Start | clarity

This three-session program is for you if you are thinking about starting a business or want to further clarify what you are currently doing.

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Power Booster | accountability

If you know what to do, but you just don’t always do it, these seven powerful, inspiring and personalized sessions are designed to support and keep you in graceful action as you implement the design of your business.

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Revolution | premium leadership facilitation

If you are a business leader interested in having your success be a model for entrepreneurs on the road to inspired business results, please contact Ruby Renshaw :, to discuss the co-creation of a project integrated with the success you have achieved and your future revolution.

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Strategic 7 Program | radical emergence

A seven-week facilitation that will take you on an inspiring, eye-opening, productive, experiential journey through your own alignment with each key-component of a successful business; culminating in a business plan that works for you.

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Teleseminars & Workshops | giving you a taste of the work

Occasionally we offer teleseminars and workshops which will give you a quick dose of inspiration; uplifting your ability to balance and manage the tangible and intangible.