You can!… relax

images-26-e1398891883830Fundamentally, planning is about creating the steps between a current situation and a chosen future. Steps are taken… entrepreneur writes a strategic plan complete with goals and action steps.

Often though, frustration occurs when as soon as the plan is designed and implemented, we expect specific linear results and can become lost and identified with the goals vs. the journey.

How can we relax when our plan demands that there are customers to find and serve, products to be sold, bills to be paid and targets to reach!?

One option is to go after our targets no matter what – stomping over competitors and employees, short-changing or deceiving customers, destroying the planet and ignoring our own values.

Another option is to recognize and get over the fact that after we plan what we want, the specific linear results from specific actions phase is over. The good news is…now we can actually RELAX and deeply pay attention.

Evolving business concepts proactively interweave action & meditative attention. Meditative attention requires a pause and a release from the grip of ego mind, so we can access broad perspective and continually evolving powerful solutions and next steps.

The more we come from a deep relaxing pause, the more we will intuitively know when and if to intervene and modify external actions with the feedback we receive from “where we are NOW”.

Interweaving planning, pausing, and meditatively relaxing, is the equivalent of ego and sacred attention working together- ensuring honorable, joyful, and truly sustainable bottom-lines.

Power in the Pause

What is Meditative Management?

Mindfulness & Movement Retreat in Galisteo, NM July 30, 2016

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