Get Nervy

Find the Flow

Look for the mysterious in life. Wherever you look – in the white clouds, in the stars in the night, in the flowers, in a flowing river – wherever you look, look for the mystery. And whenever you find that a mystery is there, meditate on it. Meditation means: dissolve yourself before that mystery, annihilate yourself before that mystery, disperse yourself before that mystery. Be no more, and let the mystery be so total that you are absorbed in it. And suddenly a new door opens, a new perception is achieved ~ Osho

When you are attempting to implement, tweak, or develop a growth plan for your business, the first step should always be checking into the mysterious. Checking into the mysterious means looking beyond your first impressions, viewing your business holographically and moving beyond the boundaries of making “typical” business decisions. In this way you access and integrate new perceptions into action and suddenly…all flows.

Create Your Experience

January is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and recreate.

An opportunity to dive deep into what really matters to us.

An opportunity to emerge expanded into our authentic selves.

Grounding what we have learned from the past year into body, mind, spirit, goals and actions… is key. When we integrate ripples of inspiration into the reality of our current and future day-to-day lives, we enter the territory of positive transformation that affects not just ourselves, but the world around us.

What is the experience YOU want to create moving forward?


The Light Will Return ~Emma Stow

Even as a distant flame
It waxes and wanes
Like the Sun and the Moon
It waxes and wanes within and through you
Even light is tidal
It’s flux is so you will know it better
And trust it’s timing
Like you trust the Sun and the Earth to turn.
We are fed by stars
That sing us back to ourselves
That sing
“The light will return!

The light will return
It’s a matter of time
The time it takes to reel
From the hard knocks, in the dark
Until we feel
That we are already free from them
We just forgot
And in the mid winter of forgetting
we are reborn.


Be authentically you

Each day a new beginning

The Power of Holistic Integration

Deep listening, reflection, consideration of multiple perspectives, and direction in accordance with integrity and project alignment, is a huge determinant of success, fulfillment, and the positive impact a team and business can make on the world.

Moving inspiration into a comprehensive strategic plan, supported by measured embodiment, consistent action, and habitation of integrated culture and systems, ensures the successful implementation of mission and purpose, as well as deep fulfillment for participants.

Within the framework of holistic integration, all are supported and empowered; allowing for complete habitation, alignment, and unexpected capabilities; resulting in powerful evolutionary impact.

When you are fabulous

and you know it. Shine ON.


When you take the time to powerfully and consistently pause, you are able to recognize and allow emergence.

Emergence energetically grounds intuition and ignites rapid evolution free of default patterns.

Emergence is possible when we review not just the spreadsheet, but the spaces in-between.