Customized Yoga & Meditation Set

YogaA 40-day yoga and meditation set will strengthen, inspire, and weave your internal power with external results.

pixel Assessment & AlignmentIn general, the way we create your set is thru an assessment designed to overview your current internal alignment with seven-key-components of a business, a release of your main area of resistance, and a meditative expansion of your alignment with all components.

Once we have a picture of where you are and an idea of where you would like to be, I will design and teach you a 40-day yoga & meditation set for you to practice on your own.

There will be check-in points along the way and at the end of the 40-days, we will meet to access your progress.

Your experience will be one of relaxation, inspiration and motivation; enabling you to profoundly move into the next evolution of success for your business!


Once you purchase, an email will be sent to me and I will contact you to schedule a time.

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My programs and services support you in designing and experiencing a business that is highly profitable while fulfilling your desire to have a balanced life aligned with your deepest, authentic self.  

My offerings include integrated delivery of meditation. We access pure thought thru meditative experience directly related to freedom in each area of your business, and most importantly, we ground in the current of thought with specific action.