Evening with the Masters : First Thursday of every month

Time: 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Fee: $18 or $24 per couple / bring a friend

Questions: ruby@rubyrenshaw.com or call (832) 752-3913 or (505) 988-8010

Portals anchored in with paintings (by James Jereb, PhD) designed to evoke the sacred archetypal energies of 8 masters: Blue Eagle, Christos, Maat, Ra, Magdalen, Quetzecoatl, Raphael, & St. Germain 

Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move and sit freely.

If you like, bring bolsters/cushions/blankets (as needed to be comfortable), power objects, crystals, essences, eye-cover pad, journal and anything else that wants to come with you.