five keys to measuring productivity

Productivity is the innate ability of every individual to express, produce or give rise to.

It could be said that the only reason we do anything is to express and connect with other people and business is just a construct for people to do that.

From this context, here are Five Keys to Measuring Productivity

Keep it Balanced Incorporate both leading measures that drive performance and lagging measures that are outcome, or results-oriented.  Focus on the leading measure – have more leading measures than lagging, include measures that express expression.  Allow individuals to design their own leading and lagging measures – incorporate them.

Know the Organization Align productivity objectives with the mission and strategy of the organization.  Include the mission, vision, and values of individuals involved in the organization.

Nurture Credibility Credibility should be nurtured, never established.  Make sure the company keeps it’s word. Make sure there is buy-in to productivity measures, that people are aligned and inspired, and keep it simple.

Ensure Integrity Don’t have a whole lot of goals or targets, and never design measures that encourage a breach of an individuals ethics, or pit them against one another.

Share the Good and the Bad Establish who will receive what results when e.g. everyone whenever they want them.

Measures are important…..they set the edges of the garden in which a business can grow.  Measures should never, however, rule us and they should above all, support every individual to view and expand their expression and connection – ultimately creating a profitable bottom-line that everyone can feel good about.


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