Graceful Accomplishment

oriental falls

These twelve, powerful 30-minute sessions (designed for those who have completed at least one other program) will help to keep you in graceful action, possibility, and peace.

Now that you have a strategy for success and some tools to keep you floating along, these weekly check-ins will get you past any potential rocks and assist you to continue to navigate the evolution of your success.

You will most assuredly continue to encounter opportunities to expand beyond what you had initially envisioned and with that, sometimes another level of debri may show up.

Working with your three favorite practices and / or tools from The Art of Possibility by Zander & Zander, in each session, in general we will:

 Settle in and energetically connect

Debrief on your past week, possibilities and relationships to your strategy

Explore what tool(s) will be most useful for you to shift into the greatest possibility

Fill in the blank of the sentence “Have the Best ______ Ever” to set the context for the following week

Finish with a meditation, as well as the prosperity mantra

May you have The Best 90-Day Accomplishment Experience Ever!



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