Move towards the stars

Once you start moving towards the stars, small things disappear on their own accord ~OSHO

Eight simple tips for getting started 

Sourced from The Positivity Blog

1. Choose something you really want.

Is your heart in it? If you set a goal but it isn’t your goal then it will be hard to achieve or even getting started with it.

2. Make a plan.

Creating a plan, writing down when you have to do this and that can calm you and lessen fuzzy anxiety and fear that can hold you back from getting started. With a clearer image of what you can do and how you should go about it, a big chunk of any negative feelings will become less powerful.

3. Ask yourself: What is the worst that could happen?

Imagine the worst scenario and then create a plan how you could get on your feet again if that scenario, against all probability, should happen. You’ll probably realize that whatever your fear is you can bounce back quickly.

4. Make it easy on yourself.

You don’t have to overcomplicate things. If you do there is bigger chance that you’ll give up before the miracle. Making it easier on yourself will make it easier to get started. Break down your plan into easy doable steps and map out the time to get each step done on your calendar.

5. Pump your emotional state.

If you need a boost in motivation, change your physiology to boost how you feel. Head to the gym, meditate, or listen to some inspirational material.

6. Find encouragement and help from other people.

Work with a coach, find a buddy who is also starting and / or moving a project to another level. You can also find motivation from others in other places. Start reading blogs and get involved in that community. Or start a blog of your own. Or start participating in a forum or two to find the support and help you may need.

7. Just do it.

If you are sitting around just procrastinating day in and day out, stop over-thinking. Shut off you brain. Just put on your clothes – or sit down at the phone, computer or wherever you need to be – and go and just do it. When our thoughts and feelings and constantly holding us back, sometimes you just need to stop listening to them and take action.

8. Learn about time management.

Manage your time effectively so you can work on that thing you’ve been wanting to do for some time now.

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