Power Source

Good business planning gives you the ability to act gracefully and powerfully in time and space because you are not acting from a random collection of actions.

HOWEVER, the key is to come from source-action vs cause-action.

Cause-action sets out to reach goals no matter what and typically comes from ego and

Ego on it’s own will WEAR US OUT!

Source-action operates above the ego and the existing collective business consciousness.

It is the difference between personal, ego-ic power (force) and Power that is so aligned with source, that we simply place something at the beginning of the cycle of creation and know that all the laws of the universe will support it.

The way to stay in source-action is easy

and not.

Simply, pause, meditate and ask

(each day as you set out to experience and play with the growth of your business)

is it good for my soul, is it good for my intellect, is it good for my consciousness?

If the answer is consistently yes, you will be operating from a power source that will carry you to your goals and beyond!

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