Practice #1 : Core Ideology

There will be some tangible things I will recommend for you to do prior to our meeting sessions.

I encourage you to complete the “homework” AND if you don’t, please DON’T WORRY about it –at a minimum please print out any handouts I send you and put it in your notebook as we will refer back to the majority.

While there is a structure to the Strategic 7 Program, it is also designed to align with shifts and co-creation with spirit as we open up and allow to receive more and more as a group.

You will find that any interaction you have with your homework will ultimately be enlightening and as the program loops through you and the group consciousness, you will experience some profound insights and moments –no matter what.

Please print out and complete the following handouts: 

Core Ideology

Money Madness

Please also print out the following two handouts, we will refer to them throughout the program:

Basic Principles

River of Creation