Introduction to the Practices

Each one of the practices we will be working with contains intangible, non-traditional aspects applied to the traditional components of business (Core Ideology, Customers, Products & Services, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, & Community).

The intangible + tangible equation = a unique perspective that supports the rapid evolution of your business. You will be hearing about this intangible + tangible equation a whole lot as we go deeper and deeper into the practices.

To begin to prepare for our first session, please read thru page 9 of the eBook Source of Good.  You will find some general inquiry type questions to get you thinking about your own Core Ideology.

I recommend you have a notebook dedicated to your Strategic 7 Program — you will want to write things down and there will be some handouts along the way.

You may find yourself in a hyper-state of awareness about the practice we are focused on.  Stay in observation mode about what “shows-up” and if you are compelled to take a particular action, pause, reflect, and follow thru only if your inner guidance tells you to do so.

Remember, there is no “right way” for you to design your business –there is no “right way” for it to look, or elements that it has to have. It is purely your expression and a way to guide those who resonate with your expression to you.

To Your Success, Ruby

P.S. You will receive another communication from me approximately one-week before the first session.