A Niagara of Abundance

Powerfully designing and implementing your business plan means you make a profit —a Niagara of Profit.

If you are not “for” profit, then the Strategy Stream Program is not for you. If you have decided that you want to make more good and make more money doing it –then you are in the right place.

Your business is an embodiment of who you are, what you believe, and what you want directed thru the vehicle of business. Therefore, early on, we begin an inquiry into your personal beliefs about money, profit and what it means to “be in business”.

Typically, the finance section of a business plan is at the end; wrapping everything up in budgets, forecasts, income statements, and balance sheets.

However, the undercurrent of finance is there right at the beginning of your exploration into your business –whether your business has been around for years or is in a seed stage.

Understanding and pro-actively addressing money and measurement distinctions puts you in a position to leverage business finances as the objectively influential tool it is meant for.

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Five Primary Finance Questions addressed in the Strategy Stream Program

1) What is Profit Consciousness?

2) What is Money Madness?

3) What is a money energy circuit?

4) What is the difference between bookkeeping, accounting, metrics, and finance –and why should you care?

5) What’s love got to do with it?