Becoming a Source of Good eBook

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This eBook is for conscientious individuals and business leaders who are committed to being a source of good.

A source of good is about leaving something better than when you found it. A source of good is about championing a philosophy that positively influences. A source of good is about making business decisions from the heart, as well as from the head.

When you are committed to being a powerful source of good, you automatically engage your best self, and by bringing your best self to your business, you engage a natural flow from your infinite source.

Contained in the eBook are seven practical practices that support setting up the flow in your business in an expanding sustainable manner.

The 7 practices in the eBook are:

Healing ~Empowers leaders and communities to evolve the consciousness of business in which they operate.

Holistic ~Applies a balanced approach of linear action and creative support to assist in the design and implementation of strategy, goals, and measures.

Inspirational ~Awakens & supports deep inner wisdom and perspective.

Practical ~Shares seven practices that can be used to create a new business, evolve an existing business, and/or apply to specific projects.

Here’s what people are saying

“How often do we evolve our business out of the question “Do I want to be a source of good in the world?” How often do we associate ease, grace, love, and being a source of good with creating and perpetuating a business?

Ruby Renshaw, in this beautifully written eBook, evokes images of waterfalls, streams, and rushing rivers to teach us how to lay a foundation for this kind of business and then attract people and work to us. There is an ease in Ruby’s writing that matches the message she delivers. The writing is honest and evocative and takes us to a place that feels desirable and comfortable. It’s not all beautiful imagery; Ruby delivers practical advice for how to be a source of good in your business.” Barbara Diane Beeler, Marketing Consultant & Business Owner

“I have a fine-tuned bull**** radarscope, and I was anticipating that the book might be lofty and unrealistic.  My experience of reading Ruby’s e-book blew me away – any resistance I may have had completely left as I felt the truth and the beauty of the words melt over me like butterscotch.” Guruatma K. Khalsa Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Yogic Therapist & Business Owner