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The Strategy Stream program walks you thru the seven simple success practices found in the eBook Becoming a Source of Good in a three-to-six month program that typically involves weekly sessions and check-in points.

Groups & One-on-one facilitation

The program supports the framework of your business in such a way that you are able to consistently focus on being in the flow of your business and

Advance the evolution of your business

Alleviate the stress of decision making

Assist the continuous and smooth progress of your business

The program is offered in three different ways, all of which can be delivered in person, via internet conferencing, or by phone.

Groups | our core offering

This is our most popular offering; working with a group of people who are up to the same thing as you are can be immensely satisfying.

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One-on-One | our premium facilitation

This is a focused customization of the program; analyzing specifically where your business currently is in its evolution and implementing the next steps to your greater success.

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Projects & Workshops | focusing on the Strategy Stream Process

We take our process and methodologies applied to a specific project within your company and/or teach the practices to your entire company. We’ve found it’s an excellent way to encourage a shift in culture or to integrate new team members into an existing company culture.

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