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This is our most popular offering; working with a group of people who are up to the same thing you are can be immensely satisfying and cost-effective.

We walk thru the seven success practices found in the eBook Becoming a Source of Good in a three-to-six month program that typically involves bi-weekly sessions with email check-in points and meditations.

Each one of the practices contains intangible, non-traditional aspects applied to the traditional components of business (Core Ideology, Customers, Products & Services, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, & Community). The intangible + tangible equation = a unique perspective that supports the rapid evolution of your business to its ultimate best outcome.

The Strategy Stream program supports the framework of your business in such a way that you are able to consistently focus on being in the flow of your business and can be delivered in physical groups or via internet conferencing.

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More about the Program

In your Strategy Stream group, we will discuss and describe how combining your tangible practices with your intangible spiritual side creates a strong, solid course for your business to flow into. But how does one combine the tangible with the intangible? And what if you don’t know all of your tangible business practices or what aspects of your intangible spiritual side to include?

The seven success practices are a guide through the process of discovering both the tangible and intangible. As you move through each practice, you widen and expand the possibilities of your business, and become better attuned to what you really believe, what you hope to accomplish, and how you think you might best accomplish it.

Each practice is a one-of-a-kind force, so if you only delved into a single one of the practices, you would discover things about your business that would enhance and expand it. Each component is also intimately connected with the others. As you go through each of the practices, you multiply the usefulness of the ones you have already learned.

Each practice exponentially expands everything you have learned, widening the possibilities for your business success.

In our group sessions, we will deeply explore the seven success practices so that you can apply them to your own business endeavors. You will deepen your knowledge of both the practical tangible aspects of your business as well as the intangible, essential aspects such as happiness and purpose.

You’ll also be well on your way to understanding how to blend the two into a stream of business that lifts you up and floats you to prosperity.

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