Strategic 7 Group Galisteo : Special Offer

This groups meets in a beautiful setting in Galisteo, New Mexico.

There is a group beginning 11/5/13 meeting on Tuesday’s from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. for 7 weeks see schedule.

The program includes 7 sessions specifically exploring 7 key components of business, plus email check-ins, 3 Source of Good teleseminars, and 7 meditations

Each element of the program is designed to continually loop thru your consciousness, allowing you to connect and integrate multi-level learning and feedback.


You will expand your knowledge of both the practical tangible aspects of your business such as marketing and finance, as well as the integration of intangible, essential aspects such as destiny, joy and the raising of consciousness. What we will explore in our sessions is way beyond business-as-usual.  We will be working in the realm of sourcing your business vs. causing your business; we will be working well above the existing consciousness of business.

While there is a structure to the program, the inquiry becomes the ultimate doorway to multi-dimensional shifts. As you move through each component, you widen and expand the possibilities of your business and become radically attuned to what you believe and who you truly are. Graceful divine will and support align.

Each practice is a one-of-a-kind force, so if you only delved into a single one of the practices, you would discover things about your business that would enhance and expand it. Each component is also intimately connected with the others. As you go through each of the practices, you multiply the usefulness of the ones you have already learned. Many people continue cycling thru the practices with the understanding that each time you visit the practice you are at a different place; a higher arc.

When you participate in a group, you are well on your way to understanding how to blend both the tangible and the intangible into a stream of business that inspires you, lifts you up and floats you to abundance.

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