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The Four Tools of Commanding your Business

Fundamentally, planning is about creating the steps between a current situation and a chosen future.

We intuitively know how to take creative energy and form it into a plan that has the potential to attract what we need and desire.

Often, frustration occurs when as soon as implementation commences we continue to expect specific linear results and we become lost and identified with goals and the structure itself.

You must then be willing to intervene and adjust (if necessary), release CONTROL and modify external actions with the feedback you receive both internally and externally.

The most powerful tools of intervention you can implement are tools of internal mastery –tools of COMMAND.

Join us for an interactive presentation on Commanding Your Business.

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Official PayPal SealOur teleseminars cover the principles and practices found in the eBook Becoming a Source of Good: Seven Simple Success Practices to transform your business and the world, as well as other topics.

10 principles for creating your business as a container of prosperity

:  deadly business-as-usual practices

: Yoga, meditation and business

The sessions are an efficient, inspirational and interactive space for you to step back and consider unique approaches to the success of your business.

Facilitated by: Ruby Renshaw, MBA Business facilitator & founder of Strategy Stream

For many years, Ruby has been sharing inspirational and relevant points to hundreds of people around the world on the importance of the integration of business & spirituality.  Her recent eBook Source of Good focuses on the practical application of both the material and the intangible while building a successful business.  More about Ruby