The Egoic Mind

The Egoic Mind is a state of mind in which the ego is in control of your thoughts and emotions.

The problem with this is the Egoic Mind is characterized by negative self-talk and unhelpful thinking patterns. It can lead us to feel dis-empowered, hopeless and pessimistic about our future.

Often, the Egoic Mind may take over as we experience the ups and downs and challenges of business.

Responding out of this non-productive negative state sabotages your intended goals and can jeopardize your long-term business destination.

The ego, by nature of its method of action, is interested in separation from the whole and seeks to defend and glorify the separate and separated self, ultimately obscuring the divine or higher self.

To help you rise above the hold the egoic mind has over your psyche, all Strategy Stream programs incorporate a meditative practice.

Meditation can help you spot your patterns, traits and habits associated with negative Egoic Mind. By consistently meditating, you will diminish the influence the ego has and have it work as a positive aspect in your business rather than to your detriment.