Jump Start

JumpingIf you have been thinking about starting a business, or wanting to reflect on your current endeavors, by the time you are complete with this program, you will be in a position to confidently call in, by action and attention, where it is you want to go.

Jump Start is a wonderful introduction to the programs Strategy Stream offers.

Many times, the issue is not so much “what” to do, it is “which” to do. This program will walk you thru a process that will, at a minimum, help you to integrate and confidently know three components that are key to your business success:

  • Your Core Ideology
  • Who your Perfect Customers are
  • Your Products & Services

You will also experience some epiphanies along the way and you may end up somewhere you never considered. By the end, you will have a firm foundation and be well on your way.

This program takes place over 4 sessions scheduled at your convenience; allowing you to go at your own pace (although it is recommended you complete within 40 days).


  • Awakening to specific details related to your mission/true purpose
  • Increased focus, clarity, and awareness
  • Transmutation of ideas about business that no longer serve you


Once you purchase, an email will be sent to me and I will contact you to schedule a time!

If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please contact:
My programs and services support you in designing and experiencing a business that is highly profitable while fulfilling your desire to have a balanced life aligned with your deepest, authentic self.  

My offerings include integrated delivery of meditation. We access pure thought thru meditative experience directly related to freedom in each area of your business, and most importantly, we ground in the current of thought with specific action.