Welcome to Santa Fe StrategyStream!

This program will assist you in walking powerfully in your chosen world of the material, while continually supporting access to your gifted divine world of the intangible.

I am so glad you are joining us and I am honored to be working with the beautiful being you are!

We will be focusing 2 weeks each on the 7 practices found in the eBook Source of Good, for a total of 14 weeks in a sequential inquiry designed to assist in the evolution of your business to its ultimate best outcome.

We will physically meet once every other week in a one-to-two hour session Calendar and you will receive an email check-in on the “off” week.

Consider that your program starts….right…..NOW……with this communication and your commitment to participate.  Take a moment, close your eyes, and thank yourself for being so courageous and wise.

Your creative mind from this point forward will begin to think of your business in new and expanded ways.  You can expect many gentle and powerful changes AND

You can expect two more communications from me prior to the first session with some things for you to do before we meet 🙂

And so it begins.

To Your Success, Ruby