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Strategy Stream provides small business owners with holistic-management-growth-technologies from start-up to legacy. The programs and services support business success that is inclusive of, and goes beyond, profit. We also work in conjunction with Pause-Power, LLC to integrate, when appropriate, movement and meditation into the delivery of our services.

There is a stream of business. When everything is developing and prospering naturally, it’s like floating gently along on the surface. Occasionally you may come up against rocks or other obstacles you need to divert around, but there’s no reason that the flow shouldn’t be constant and easy.

To create this gently-moving stream, you need a place for it to flow. As any child can tell you, a stream can’t be created simply by turning on the hose and letting water run across a flat expanse of lawn. You need to create a structure for your stream to flow within. The structure provides the banks of the stream: the intangible bank and the tangible bank.

Your intangible bank is about your spirit: what you believe in, what you hope to achieve, how you like to feel when you’re conducting business, the impact you’d like to have on others, and all the other ephemeral pieces that are deeply important, but difficult to measure. Your happiness is a part of the intangible bank of your stream.

So is your peace of mind.

Your tangible bank is about your practices: the amount of money you intend to make this quarter, the debt you need settled, the new product you’d like to create, the number of employees you need to pay, the consulting you’d like to do on the side, and all the other all-too-solid pieces that confront you daily.

The tangible bank of the stream is where things get done; the intangible bank is how to get them done without losing your philosophy.

As your business changes and evolves, we work together to widen those banks so they can accommodate an even larger stream. When your business grows, it’s easier and easier for the banks of your stream to get overwhelmed and start to crumble.

One of your normal business strategies might start collapsing because you have lots of new customers more quickly than you expected, for example. Or you might find that your happiness – and your employees’ happiness – is dwindling because everyone is putting in too many hours to accommodate an inrush of new business.

When the stream of business expands, the banks have to be strengthened and shored up. Otherwise the stream overflows its banks and stops flowing along. It becomes a pool – stagnant and unchanging. If you want your business to thrive, you need to continue to allow it to flow.

Strategy Stream programs and services help you to create and powerfully maintain these two banks.

Strategy Stream programs and services support you in efficiently experiencing multi-level business success.

All services are permeated with the most essential essence: love accessed from deep within your being. Business flow is impossible without tapping into that base energy. It is how you will widen the banks without losing their strength. It is how you will be able to embrace the new flow of the stream as it rises higher and higher, taking you with it.

It is how your business will achieve a new level of consciousness and make a difference in the world.

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